Galaxy Camera App Ported To Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Camera is a compact digital camera with Android operating system. It’s equipped with an exclusive camera app that offers some interesting features you will not found on other Galaxy smartphones camera app.

Samsung Galaxy Camera App

Now, you don’t need a Galaxy Camera to use that application because an XDA Developer team successfully ported the app to Galaxy S4. The team is still working to fix some bugs. But, you can try it if you have a Galaxy S4.

Currently, the Galaxy Camera app can capture images, record videos, control autofocus and flash, and show image preview. Features such as beauty face as well as slow & fast motion are supported too. However, there are many features not working on Galaxy S4 including burst shot, best face, sound and shoot, eraser, dual view, and animated photo. Not all effects can be used right now, but the final version promises to have all features.

Go to this link if you want to try Galaxy Camera app on Galaxy S4. Do it at your own risk!

Ivan Andrianto

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