Full HD Display Supply May Not Enough in 2013

Full HD 1080p display logo

There’s a bad news for people who interested in smartphone with high pixel density display. According to Digitimes, Sharp as one of 1080p screen producers is currently experiencing a shortage of supply that could lead to display availability problem for some handsets in 2013.
The lack of supply is caused by the high demand of Sharp Aquos Phone using 1080p display in Taiwan.Unfortunately, Digitimes is not sure when Sharp will be able to fulfill all of current demands.
Some companies like Oppo, Huawei, and Sony are ready to produce smartphone with Full HD display. However the shortage of FHD display will affect some handsets production.
Meanwhile, another news said that Sharp may already find a breakthrough for its IGZO screen production . It is believed that Sharp will release a phone with that screen type in this year.

Sharp Aquos Phone with IGZO display

Ivan Andrianto

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