Fujitsu Volume and Fujitsu Bacura, 10.1-inch Android ICS Tablets

Fujitsu announced two new 10.1-inch tablets running on the latest version of Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. The tablets are Fujitsu Volume and Fujitsu Bacura.

Fujitsu 10.1-inch Android ICS Tablet

Fujitsu 10.1-inch Android ICS Tablet

Based on the design and specifications, Fujitsu Volume is made for businessmen and students, while the Fujitsu Bacura is made for those who like outdoor activities.

Fujitsu Bacura is claimed as a water resistant tablet until certain depth. There are no clear information about the specifications of those Fujitsu tablets. One of the media in Italy said that the two Fujitsu tablets will be officially released this year at the end of June.

Ivan Andrianto

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