Five Best Android Web Browsers

If you’re an Android user, you can use various web browsers on your device. There are many good web browsers on Google Play Store. You can download a browser or more based on your necessity. Here is the five best Android web browsers.

Best Five Android Web Browsers

1. Dolphin Browser
Dolphin browser is a great web browser for Android. It supports desktop-like web browsing experience and Flash Player. Multiple tab is also supported. One of the cool features on Dolphin Browser is gesture input. You can setup some gestures for web addresses. Then you can access a registered address by drawing an appropriate gesture. Voice input is also supported. The user interface is very attractive. Swipe your hand from the left to right to open your bookmark and history menu and swipe your hand from right to left to open add-ons menu. With Dolphin browser, you can install a lot of useful add-ons. Dolphin is very fast though it has so many features.

Dolphin Browser for AndroidDolphin Browser for AndroidDolphin Browser for AndroidDolphin Browser for AndroidDolphin Browser for Android

2. Firefox
Firefox for Android is fast, free, and supports Firefox Sync. If you usually use Firefox browser on desktop, using Firefox on Android device is very appropriate as you can synchronize your bookmarks and passwords easily. It’s the first mobile web browser to support Do Not Track. It has an awesome start screen too, which shows you all tabs you have visited recently, so it will help you to find what you have just browsed. Like the desktop version, it supports personas. So you can customize the appearance of this browser as you like. You can also install various add-ons to Firefox for Android.

Firefox for AndroidFirefox for AndroidFirefox for Android

3. Chrome
Chrome for Android leaves the ‘beta’ word last month. One advantage of using Chrome is you can go to incognito mode. The feature has been introduced previously on desktop version of Google Chrome. By going incognito, you can do private browsing. So your history won’t be saved by the browser. You can perform bookmark syncing via Chrome Sync, tab syncing, search syncing, and many other features. Chrome for Android is also optimized for mobile. Unfortunately your device have to run Android 4.0 Jelly Bean or later. The application won’t work on the previous versions of Android OS.

4. Boat Browser/Mini
At the first days of Android OS, Miren browser for Androids was a popular browser on Android browser. However the browser has ‘ vanished’. Miren is a great browser with many features. But it is difficult to find the browser at this time. If you like Miren, Boat Browser can be an alternative. It’s fast, lite, and totally free. The browser supports add-ons and has good voice control. For example, if you say Facebook, the browser will open Facebook website for you.

Boat Browser for AndroidBoat Browser for AndroidBoat Browser for Android

5. Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a good choice for those who want to compress data usage. The browser is fast and free. It’s very lite and it will run smoothly on your device. Low-end devices with low processor clock and low RAM can open tens tabs at the same time. This browser supports Opera Link. By using this browser you can synchronize your bookmarks, speed dials, and other user preferences with Opera for desktop. Opera Mini is a popular smartphone on smartphones and feature phones. Unfortunately the browser won’t give you desktop-like web browsing experience. If you find a drop down menu which works on desktop browsers by placing you cursor over the menu or by clicking on the menu if you use other mobile browses, you can’t do it on Opera Mini. You need to click the menu and wait the browser reloads the entire page to see it. Flash player is not supported on Opera Mini. Opera Mini is a fast, simple, and lite web browser, but with limited feature and web browsing experience.

Opera Mini for AndroidOpera Mini for AndroidOpera Mini for Android

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