First Tizen Smartphone Will Be Released Soon

Samsung Tizen Smartphone
Samsung is reportedly getting ready along with Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo to release the first smartphone product with Tizen OS. The smartphone is most likely to be revealed in February 2013 at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.

NTT DoCoMo is Japan’s largest mobile operator. Together with Samsung, Vodafone, INTEK, and others, NTT DoCoMo is committed to develop Tizen operating system based on Linux.

In contrast to the semi-open Android operating system, Tizen will hold the philosophy of Linux to open source code completely for all parties.

Tizen OS homescreen

Samsung developing Tizen OS as a precaution in case that Google doesn’t keep Android open for all manufacturers. Google also had purchased Motorola Mobility so that several parties cooperate in the Open Handset Alliance worried that Google will be making its own smartphone and get rid of the other partners. Google also had warned Acer when the company is going to launch a smartphone with Android OS in China so that Acer did not launch the product.

Ivan Andrianto

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