Face Unlock Fixed on Jelly Bean, Blink Your Eyes to Unlock

One of the interesting features on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is Face Unlock. This feature aimed to increase security on Android device. User only needs to look at the front-camera and it will detect the face and unlock the device if the face is match. But, it can be fooled by photo.

Blink Now Face Unlcok Android Jelly Bean

Google resolves the issue on Android Jelly Bean. On the latest operating system, user needs to blink his/her eyes, so the face can be recognized. With blinking the eyes, system can know that in front of the camera is a person, not a photo.

Android Jelly Bean Security Settings

The feature is quite smart although it has some weaknesses. One of them is by making an animation to unlock the device. Therefore, Face Unlock feature is recommended to be used as an entertainment feature. It’s better to have a password to protect your device.






Ivan Andrianto

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