Details of Samsung Redwood GT-I8805 With Tizen OS Found

As we know, Samsung is preparing two Tizen-based handsets, Redwood and Melius. Not much information about those two gadgets, but recently some details about one of the handsets are found on Samsung website.

Tizen OS logo

The found UAProf profiles confirms the presence of Redwood, which supports 4G/LTE and has a display resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. From the profile, it’s also known that Redwood will use Apple WebKit-based browser and Cortex-A9 SoC.

Looking at the leaked specs, Redwood is not a high-end handset as Samsung promised earlier. At that time, it was mentioned that Samsung will release a smartphone with the best specifications in August or September. Therefore the referred handset may be Melius. Let’s wait for more information.

Samsung Redwood GT-I8805 details

Ivan Andrianto

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