Current Windows Phone Devices Won’t be Updated to WP8

Besides the announcement of its new mobile platform called Windows Phone 8, Microsoft also confirmed that current Windows Phone devices won’t be updated to WP 8. The main reason is hardware limitations. But, Microsoft will roll out Windows Phone 7.8 for those smartphones. WP 7.8 users can’t enjoy the new features on WP¬† 8, only the phone UI that will look like the one on WP 8.

Windows Phone 7.8

The changes include:

  • Variable tile size. User can use smaller tile size. That makes user can get more view. It doesn’t consume a lot of space like previous Windows Phone OS. The smaller tiles also look more beautiful.
  • Removal of the gutter. The gutter is an empty area on the right of the homescreen. Now the empty area can be occupied by the tiles.
  • New tile colors. Windows Phone 8 offers a wider selection of tile colors.

Ivan Andrianto

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