Corning Willow Glass, Flexible and Ultrathin Display

The picture above looks like a plastic, but it’s not a plastic. It is a piece of glass introduced by Corning namely Willow Glass.

The new type of glass created by Corning has a thickness of 100 microns, makes it super thin and flexible for use on LCD and OLED panel. With that thickness, the display is expected to be lighter. The device using this type of screen will become thinner.

Corning Willow Glass

Corning Willow Glass

Willow Glass will be produced with a new high-temperature roll-to-roll technology instead of page by page, similar to newspaper printing. Corning Willow Glass is formulated to perform very well for electronic components such as sensory touch, as well as utilizing the characteristic of glass which is airtight for the seal of OLED display.

Willow Glass is most likely to be adopted first time by a smartphone. However, Corning, also known as the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass, is trying to apply the Willow Glass in solar cells and lighting.

Ivan Andrianto

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