Clear Pixel Technology on Motorola DROID Phones

Motorola has launched three new Android smartphones in DROID family (DROID Mini, DROID Ultra, and DROID Maxx). All of the devices pack a 10 MP RGBC main camera or previously called as Clear Pixel. The camera allows better photos in low-light conditions.

Motorola DROID Clear Pixel Camera

Camera sensor needs a filter above pixel array to insert actual colors. A standard camera uses Bayer RGBG filter, where each 4×4 pixel area on camera sensor is covered with RGB light filter (red, green, blue), so each pixel with red filter only gets red light and the others will be vanish.

The latest Motorola DROIDs use RGBC filter above the sensor. C stands for Clear, which means that one of four pixels gets full non-filtered light, so it gets 50% more light. Of course this technology is very beneficial in low light conditions. If you take photos at noon, the camera will capture image faster thanks to the extra light provided.

Ivan Andrianto

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