Canonical Will Release Ubuntu For Android on 2 January 2013?

Canonical Ubuntu for Android

Canonical has just announced that they will launch totally new Ubuntu product on 2 January 2013 tomorrow. But they didn’t say what product they will announce to public tomorrow.

From all possibilities, most likely Canonical will launch Ubuntu for Android. The announcement can be the first step from Canonical to inform public that they has started Ubuntu development for tablet and smartphone.

Canonical founder,┬áMark Shuttleworth, previously has said that Ubuntu is not ready for mobile device. He also said that Ubuntu OS for tablet and smartphone will not be ready until 2014. However, because Ubuntu is an open source operating system, it’s not a surprise that the project can be finished before the time.

Actually the implementation of Ubuntu OS on mobile device have been done previously, one of them using Motorola Atrix 2.

Ivan Andrianto

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