BlackBerry X10 Image Leaked

BlackBerry 10 OS logo
After the back of the full-touch screen BlackBerry 10 L-Series leaked some time ago, now the other series of BlackBerry 10 smartphone image also leaked on the internet. It’s the BlackBerry N-Series, which is the full QWERTY keyboard-equipped smartphone like most current BlackBerry smartphones.

Unlike the L-Series that we have seen the front and back side of the device, the leaked photos of N-Series is only the front side, so we can’t see the other side of the device.

BlackBerry N-Series X10

The BlackBerry N-Series is reported to be called BlackBerry X10 when it’s launched. Although it’s the era of full-touchscreen smartphone, RIM will also launch smartphone with QWERTY keyboard considering that many traditional users prefer using physical keyboard instead of virtual on-screen keyboard. BlackBerry X10 will also offer a unique display aspect ratio (1 : 1) with a resolution of 720 x 720 pixels.

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