BlackBerry Roadmap for Q4 2012 – Q4 2013 Leaked

We have reported that the launch of first BlackBerry 10 device is delayed until Q1 2012. Now there’s a leaked BlackBerry roadmap that supports the news. The roadmap shows what will BlackBerry do from Q4 2012 until Q4 2013

BlackBerry Roadmap

As you can see on the roadmap, BlackBerry is going to launch PlayBook 4G (Winchester 2) in  Q4 2012. As reported beofre, BlackBerry will launch its first BB 10 smartphone in Q1 2012. They are BlackBerry L-Series (London) and N-Series (Nevada). BlackBerry L-Series will be launched earlier at the launching of BB 10. Then, BlackBerry Playbook tablet will receive BB 10 update in Q1/Q2 2013.  A BlackBerry device with codename ‘Nashville’ will be launched in Q2/Q3 2013, followed by Blackforest tablet  in Q3 2013 and BlackBerry Naples in Q3/Q4 2013.

The roadmap only shows in what quarter the devices will be released, there is no information about exact dates.

Ivan Andrianto

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