BlackBerry App World Has Recorded 3 Billion Download Within 1172 Days

Although BlackBerry market share is continue to decrease, the official application store for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry App World, has recorded 3 million downloads.

BlackBerry App World

The information is obtained from a BlackBerry developer blog. 3 million download means that there are more than 2.5 million downloads everyday. But, the more important is the download trend is increasing. The first 1 billion downloads was achieved in 786 days, the next 1 billion downloads took 210 days, and it took only 176 days for another 1 billion downloads. So, it took 1172 days to achieve 3 billion downloads.

BlackBerry App World

The number of download only covers downloads from BlackBerry App World. It doesn’t include downloads from BlackBerry application store provided by third party app. There are more than 28,000 application providers on BlackBerry App World providing more than 90,000 applications.

Ivan Andrianto

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