BlackBerry A10 Aristo Photo Leaked

BlackBerry will launch another flagship BB10 handset in the rest of this year. The handset called BlackBerry A10 a.k.a. Aristo is a full-touchscreen smartphone like Z10, but with improved specifications. According to rumors, it will come with a 5.0-inch display with 2 GB of RAM.

BlackBerry A10 Aristo

At the previous post, we only knew about rumored specs of BlackBerry A10. This Time, a mysterious BlackBerry device with codename ARISTO has been leaked out in the internet.

A source from BGR said that BlackBerry A10 will start its debut in this fall. The source also confirmed that it will features 5.0-inch display with dual-core processor and discrete graphics card.

With a diagonal size of 5.0-inch, it’s the biggest smartphone from the Canadian vendor. Unforunately, unlike high-end Android smartphones which pack Full HD resolution display, BlackBerry A10 reportedly will only come with HD display (1280 x 720 pixels).

BlackBerry A10 Aristo about

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