BlackBerry 10 Screenshots Leaked Again

As it’s getting closer to the launch of RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS, more and more screenshots of BlackBerry 10 leakedĀ on the internet. After we posted the screenshots of BB 10 as well as photos of BlackBerry London GSM and Lisbon CDMA some days ago, now there are some new images showing the user interface of BlackBerry 10.

The screenshots show some applications installed on the BlackBerry 10 handset. One of the app is YouTube. It’s uncertain whether it’s a real application or just a shortcut as on BlackBerry 7. Moreover, there’s also some popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

You can view the screenshots of BlackBerry 10 below.

BlackBerry 10 App LauncherBlackBerry 10 App Launcher

App Launcher

BlackBerry 10 Setup - Language

Setup - Language

BlackBerry 10 Setup - Mobile Network

Setup - Mobile Network

BlackBerry 10 Setup - Agreement

Setup - Agreement

BlackBerry 10 Setup - BlackBerry ID

Setup - BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry 10 Setup - Diagnostics and Location

Setup - Diagnostics and Location

BlackBerry 10 Compass


BlackBerry 10 Adobe ReaderBlackBerry 10 Adobe ReaderBlackBerry 10 Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

BlackBerry 10 Sample Songs

Sample Songs

BlackBerry 10 Choose Media

Choose Media

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