BlackBerry 10 Features Demo [Video]

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Jeff Gadway, Senior Product Marketing Manager for BlackBerry RIM, demonstrating some of the features on BlackBerry 10. The RIM executive using the Dev Alpha B as a demonstration tool. He shows the BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Flow, and BlackBerry Balance Technology.

On BlackBerry 10, you only need to swipe your thumb up to show running apps. It will show the screenshot of running apps. What interesting is when you minimize an app, the screenshot of each app displayed on running apps will change to what currently displayed on each app. So, you can get the latest information without launching the application. Swiping your thumb from the right to left will show you the icons of installed application. To the left you can view Blackberry Hub, where you manage all your messages. When you are in an application, you can do a simple gesture (move up and right) to view the BlackBerry Hub.

BlackBerry 10 also has a new on screen keyboard that allows you to type quickly. With the new Contacts app, you can view the updates of a person from social networks quickly. And if a person on your contacts has BBM and you don’t have his/her on your BBM, BlackBerry 10 will show that the person has BBM and you can invite that person quickly.

In multimedia, a new camera feature allows you to select the best image of a face. That works also when there is more than one person captured at the same moment, you can select the different moments for each face.

The last feature is BlackBerry Balance Technology that allows consumer to use one phone for personal and work. Just swipe down and toogle between personal and work. If you go to work side, you can see your business applications and you can keep your personal information securely on personal side.

Watch the demo video below for a closer look of the future Blackberry OS.

Ivan Andrianto

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