Backlight Bleeding Problem Disturbs Some Google Nexus 7

The first tablet in Nexus lineup, Google Nexus 7, has just officially released. Unfortunately there are some problems found on this tablet.

Asus Google Nexus 7

On the beginning of this month, some users found a ‘ghost’ problem on the screen. If you display an image for 2 minutes, the shadow of the image will still appear although you have replaced it with another image. Displaying an image for a long time causes the screen burnt and leaves imprint. It is believed that the devices which have that problem are the prototype devices distributed at Google I/O event.

Now, there is another problem on Google Nexus 7 screen. It is found that some Nexus 7 disturbed by backlight bleeding problem on the screen. As you can see on the images below, the bleeding on the left side of the screen is very annoying.

Backlight bleeding on Google Nexus 7

Ivan Andrianto

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