Asus Will Release Cheap Windows 8 Tablet This Year

Asus Windows 8 Tablet
Asus is reportedly will release Windows 8 tablet with smaller display size and more affodable price soon this year. It’s revelaed form Asus CEO Jerry Shen’s statement. He said that he believes the price of Windows 8 tablet from Asus can be pressed to around $300 before 2014.

At this time, most Windows 8 tablets are priced at $400 to $500 with display size around 10-inch. It requires the manufacturers to make tablets with smaller screen size in order to provide consumers with more affordable tablet PCs.
In addition, small tablets also have better portability. With the presence of 7-inch or 8-inch Windows 8 tablets, people can have an ultra-portable device with the same operating system on a PC.

Ivan Andrianto

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