Asphalt 7:Heat for iOS Officially Released

Are you the owner of iDevice and like Asphalt racing game? The good news is you can enjoy Asphalt 7:Heat racing game, one of the most awaited mobile games this year. The seventh series of Asphalt racing game allows you to drive Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and another supercars on the street of big cities in the world.

Asphalt 7:Heat for iOS

Of course, the new version of Asphalt comes with better graphics. The cars look more detail. There are single-player and multi-player mode. If you have a big television, you can stream the game via AirPlay.

To make it more competitive, the game has a new feature called Asphalt Tracker to make you always updated with the scores obtained by your friend in this game. Interested to play this game? Just download it for $0.99 on AppStore

Watch the trailer here.

Ivan Andrianto

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