Apple Registered Active Stylus Patent

Apple Active Stylus patent

So far, we haven’t seen Apple device equipped with stylus pen. Steve Jobs, ex-Apple CEO, totally didn’t agree with the idea of using stylus on mobile device. At the launch of the first iPhone, he said that iPhone uses the best pointer in the world, our fingers.

Though the current generation iPhone and iPad aren’t equipped with stylus, perhaps we will see Apple devices with stylus pen in future. As reported by Redmondpies, Apple has registered new patent namely Active Stylus for iOS devices.

According to its name, Active Stylus is more than an input tool. It’s still unclear what innovation offered by it.  S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note is very good in terms of convenience and accuracy, but the lag between panel and S Pen touch is what Apple want to eliminate on its Active Stylus.

Although Apple devices like iPhone and iPad will gain benefits of Active Stylus, there is no guarantee that the input device will be present in the near future.

Ivan Andrianto

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