Apple Pays $60 Million for iPad Name

In the early 2012, Apple iPad is not allowed to be sold in China. The reason is the tablet has violated Proview Technology’s patent. ProView Technology is a Chinese company based in ShenZen, which claimed that it has a trademark to use iPad name.

iPad name patent battle

The battle of iPad name was located in Shanghai court and today we got the final result. It is said that Apple  is willing to pay $60 million to Proview. The number is much different than the previous number sued by ProView, which reaches $400 million.

Internet Personal Access Device (iPad) by Proview Technology

Proview has registered iPad trademark for its device. But it’s not a tablet PC like Apple iPad. It’s an all-in-one PC released in 1998 namely iPad (Internet Personal Access Device).

Proview iPad All-in-one pc


Ivan Andrianto

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