Apple Launches Food and Drink Category on App Store

Many people are interested in making and tasting various foods and drinks, so they download applications about foods and drinks on their smartphone.

Apple launches Food and Drink category on App Store

Apple has just launched a new category on App Store dedicated for foods and drinks. The ‘Food and Drink’ category is a place where developers can publish their apps about food recipe, food review, and other applications related to foods and drinks. Apple has moved some selected apps to Food and Drink category.

Previously most applications about recipe, wine, and restaurant placed on Lifestyle category. Now, that segment can focus on lifestyle only, separated from foods and drinks.

Food and Drink category on App Store

Apple has told developers about that new segment. There are more than 2800 paid applications and 4000 free applications related to Food and Drink for iPhone so far. While iPad has more than 1200 paid applications an 1000 free applications on the same category.

Ivan Andrianto

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