Apple iPhone 5 to Come with 19-pin Connector, Measures Just 7.6 mm Thick

Some time ago, the design of Apple iPhone 5 has been leaked. The latest Apple smartphone comes with some changes like the larger display and different connector. The truth of the leaked images is still unclear because Apple has never confirmed any rumors about iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 leaked image

One thing is certain: The connector on iPhone 5 is smaller than previous iPhone. The latest news from TechCrunch said that the number of connector pin on new iPhone is 19, while the previous iPhone, iPhone 4S, has a 30-pin connector. Apple has been using the standard 30 pin connector since the release of third-generation iPod. This connector offers structural stability when connected with accessories and other devices.

iPhone 5 connector

There is another leaked information about the next iPhone. A document shows iPhone 5 chasing ┬ádesign with only 7.6 mm of thickness. But, the leaked document can’t be confirmed as an original document. However, most likely the information on the document is accurate.

iPhone 5 chasing design

Ivan Andrianto

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