Apple iPad Mini Will Use a 1024 x 768 Display (Rumor)

There are more and more rumors about Apple iPad Mini from day to day. The latest rumor comes from Daring Fireball.

Apple iPad Mini with smaller display

According to a post on that blog, Apple will make an iPad with a 7.85-inch display with low resolution. Apple can produce iPad with smaller size in large quantity efficiently. A 1024 x 768 pixels display is enough and will help the company to produce a cheap tablet which sold well in market. If it is true that Apple will make iPad Mini, it can be a very strong rival for Google Nexus 7.

Another rumor about iPad with smaller size has appeared. Analysts predict that the official announcement of iPad Mini will be held in October. However, Steve Jobs said that a 7-inch tablet is not ideal and Apple will not produce tablet with that size.

Will Apple produce smaller iPad? Let’s wait for the next information.



Ivan Andrianto

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