Apple iOS 7 – New Features

Apple officially announced iOS 7 at the first day of WWDC 2013 event. Besides new colorful user interface, Apple iOS 7 also bring a lot of new features. What are the new features on iOS 7?

Apple iPhone 5 with iOS 7


Apple iOS 7 Multitasking
iOS 7 supports full multitasking for all apps, with multitasking interface that you can access by pressing the home button twice and you’ll see your recent running apps, swipe to the left or right to see other apps. It also learns your behaviour of opening apps. For examplre, if you are used to launch a social app at 10:00 a.m. everyday, the feed has been updated for you by that time.

Notification Center

Apple iOS 7 Notification Center
It allows you to view missed calls, new mails, to-do lists, and much more. Apple adds a new feature called Today to provide convenient summary of today. It will remind you someone’s birthday, and even remind you to bring an umbrela when the weather is bad. You’ll also know about traffic you are going through. Swipe down from any screen to show notification center.

Control Center
Apple iOS 7 Control Center
Control Center gives quick access to control your settings like switch to airplane mode, turn on/off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, adjust screen brightness, and even music player buttons. Just simply swipe up from any screen including lockscreen and you can access control center.

Apple iOS 7 Fullscreen Safari browserApple iOS 7 Safari browser Tab View
New Safari browser supports fullscreen mode and has a new tab interface similar to the on you would find on Google Chrome mobile browser. Password generator creates a nique, hard-to-guess password everytime you setup a new account and it will remember for you. iCloud Keychain rember your personal information like account names, passwords, and credit card numbers. On shared link tab, you can see the latest tweets from people you follow, while Reading list brings the latest articles/news for you. You only need to scroll from one to the next to read the next content.

Apple iOS 7 Video RecordingApple iOS 7 Panorama modeApple iOS 7 Still modeApple iOS 7 Square mode
The new camera on iOS 7 supports various shooting mode including video, panorama, still, and square. Filters can be applied for still and square photos. With that feature, you can pick a filter and see the color effects like like mono, tonal, noir, fade, chrome, process, transfer, and instant before capturing your photo or you can change it later.

Apple iOS 7 Collections PhotosApple iOS7 Years PhotosApple iOS 7 iCloud Photo Sharing

Apple introduces Collections, Moments, and Years, allow you to arrange your pictures smartly, so you can find an image in a more easy way. iCloud Photo Sharing lets you share your moments with other instantly by creating shared photo stream. Other iOS users can view and comments on your photos.

Apple iOS 7 AirDrop sendApple iOS 7 AirDrop receive
AirDrop is an easy way to share files to another iOS devices around you. It’s highly secure as transfers are encrypted.

Apple iOS 7 SiriApple iOS 7 SiriApple iOS 7 Siri
Male voice is now available. Siri can speak in French and Germany too. System functions like “turn on Bluetooth” and “increase my brightness” as well as playing voicemail, returning calls, controlling iTunes Radio, and much more are recognized by Siri

iTunes Radio
Apple iOS 7 iTunes Radio Featured StationsApple iOS 7 iTunes Radio
With iTunes Radio, you can stream your favorite radio stations. It also learns what you like to listen. Featured Stations is inspired by music you have listened to and it has more than 200 stations based on genres. You can view what you have listend to on History and purchase the songs.

Find My iPhone
Apple iOS 7 Find My iPhone lockscreenApple iOS 7 Activate iPhone
Don’t worry if you lose your iPhone and someone finds it. Turning off Find My iPhone or erasing your device requires your Apple ID and password. It can also display a certain message even your device is erased.

Apps Near Me
Apple iOS 7 Apps Near Me
The new feature on iOS 7’s App Store will show what apps are popular near you.

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