Apple Failed to Ban The Sales of HTC Android Devices in US

Although has successed to ban the sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 recently, It seems that the same thing will not happen on HTC Android devices. Previously, Apple has reported HTC to International Trade Commission, accused that HTC has violated its patent on about 29 HTC Android devices.

Apple vs HTC

First, it is reported that International Trade Commission had declined Apple’s request to ban the sales of HTC devices with Android operating system. ITC said that it will investigate HTC. ITC would ensure whether HTC had violated regulation about the previous import ban and given misleading information to customs duty by claiming that it has made a change in technology to avoid its products banned.

The latest update told that HTC says “The U.S. Customs office has reviewed and approved HTC devices for import into the U.S., as they are in compliance with the ITC’s ruling.”

So, Apple failed to ban the sales of HTC devices this time. It’s a good news for those who want to buy an HTC device in US.

Ivan Andrianto

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