Apple Failed to Ban Galaxy S III in U.S.

Good news for those who want to buy a Galaxy S III in U.S. On Monday, Judge Lucy Koh rejected Apple motion to add Samsung Galaxy S III to the list of phones that violate Apple’s patents. Koh said that the Apple request is to block that Android smartphone to be released. The judge previously had said that Apple may request a temporary blockage of the Galaxy S III, but it will slow down the ligitation against another devices.

Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone

Koh did not say about the validity of that Apple claim, which has not been known the actual target is GS III or not. When questioned, Apple reinforces the previous statement stating that copying their device is totally wrong. Samsung did not give any comment about it, while Google commented that the popularity of Android makes them as the target of patent war.

Official court about this patent war will begin on July 30. The Galaxy S III is planned to be available in the United States on June 21. Samsung has collected evidence to support that the Samsung’s flagship smartphone is different from Galaxy Nexus, which is one of the object in this prolonged patent war.

Ivan Andrianto

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