Apple A6X Chip Production Shifted from Samsung to TSMC?

Apple A6X chipset

Based on news from a Taiwanese newspaper, The Commercial Times, Apple possibility is trying to shift A6X chip production on iPad 4 from Samsung to TSMC. TSMC is the biggest independent chip maker company in the world based in Taiwan. Apple will produce A6X chip from TSMC starting in the first quarter of 2013.

If that’s true, this Apple’s way is the continuation of the previous Apple’s plans. Previously Apple reportedly has started trial of chip production in TSMC since August 2011. TSMC also reportedly using 28nm technology for chip production earlier than expectation.

Apple is working together with TSMC to build a big processor assembler factory in United States.
All this time, Samsung has produced Ax chip series for Apple on their factory in Texas, United States. Apple has tried some efforts to decrease its dependence to Samsung by taking a well-known Samsung chip designer and reduce Samsung’s role in Apple chip design process.

Apple A6X Chip Manufacturing Infrastructure

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