Amber Update For Nokia Lumia Will Arrive In August 2013

Through Nokia Spain official Twitter account, Nokia confirmed that Amber update for Lumia smartphones with WP8 is coming soon.

Nokia Lumia Amber update

Nokia Lumia handsets with Widows Phone 8 include Lumia 520, Lumia 620, Lumia 720, Lumia 820, and Lumia 920. They will get Nokia Amber update around next August or about one and a half month to go.

Nokia Spain Tweet Confirms Amber Update

The update will bring some new features like FM radio support, double-tap to wake, Nokia Smart Camera, and much more. Users will experience better phone performance too.

Some new features that will be brought by Amber update are:

  • Color Management: ability to adjust color saturation
  • Double-tap to wake: a feature to wake-up the phone by double tap like the on on Nokia N9
  • Flip to Silent: flip the phone to stop ringtone of incoming call.
  • FM Radio: all Lumia WP8 smartphones will get it, except Lumia 620.
  • Sleeping Screen: latest screensavers
  • Nokia Smart Cam app
  • ISO support

and other features

Ivan Andrianto

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