Amazon Is Preparing Android Game Console?

According to information obtained from Game Informer sources, Amazon as one of the giant online retailer is preparing new product in the form of game console. The game console is based on Android operating system and will be available in market in the late of 2013.

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Game Informer got the information through a person who has knowledge about what hardware is being developed. Then, it’s also said that the console will have its own controller with Android application library from Amazon. The console is predicted to appear on Black Friday in United States where many products can be bought with special prices.

GamesBeat is reportedly also hear news about the console, including report from a developer who said that Amazom has showed it some time ago. However, the GamesBeat source doesn’t sure that Amazon is serious in doing the product.

Currently, there are some Android based gaming consoles in market like GameStick, Ouya, and NVIDIA Shield. A report in June from WSJ also revealed that Google is developing its own Android console and Android smartwatch.

Ivan Andrianto

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