Acer Liquid ZX To Combine Small 3.5-Inch Display With High-End Specifications

Most flagship Android smartphones today have a big display like Galaxy S4 (5-inch), HTC One (4.7-inch), and Xperia Z (5.0-inch). Starting from 2010, theta are many smartphones equipped with a display above 4.0-inch. In dact, not all people like with those smartphones because the phone body will be bigger of course. Some people want a small smartphone with great specifications including fast processor and good camera.

Acer Liquid ZX

Samsung has Galaxy S3 Mini and S4 Mini, but the specs of both smartphones are far below the standard editions. From Acer Liquid ZX teaser, Acer wants to prove that a mini smartphone doesn’t always come with basic specificatios. Liquid ZX has a 3.5-inch display with high-end specifications.

ST Liew, peesident of Acer Smartphone Division said that many people have forgotten 3.5-inch display, but they will make a device with 3.5-inch display that will satisfy those who want a mini smartphone. According to him, Acer will focus on both mini smartphone and big smartphone. Other specs of Liquid ZX haven’t been announced yet by Acer, but the launch should be in the near future as the device has been leaked by the Acer president.

Ivan Andrianto

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