A Firmware Reveals The Presence of Samsung GT-I9505 and GT-Q1000

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A firmware of GT-i8190N or Samsung Galaxy S III Mini NFC reveals some interesting informations. This firmware confirms there will be a phone namely Samsung GT-i9500, believed to be LTE version of Samsung Galaxy S IV. Samsung GT-i9500 is rumored to be the next Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S IV.

It’s not a surprise that Samsung avoids to use ‘4’  by passing i9400 and use i9500 instead of. 4 is believed as unlucky number in South Korea. So, there’s also a possibility that the next Galaxy S won’t be named Galaxy S IV.

The more intersting thing maybe a mysterious model namely GT-Q1000. Judging the Q code and number 1000, it can be a new smartphone or tablet in a new lineup. There’s a possibilty that Samsung will announce those mysterious devices at Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas on 8-11 January.

Ivan Andrianto

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