900,000 Android Devices is Activated Everyday

Google’s mobile phone operating system, Android, is growing rapidly. Hundreds of thousands Android devices are activated everyday. Today, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Goggle, Andy Rubin said that the daily activation of Andorid devices has reached 900,000 in June.

Android OS is growing rapidly

Android OS is growing rapidly

It’s the new record on Android. The number growth from the previous update published by Google at Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona. At that time, 850,000 Android device was activated each day. The growth shows that Android operating system is increasing rapidly. Andy Rubin himself was rumored to leave Google, but he said “no plans to leave Google”.

Android is now the market leader of smartphone operating system, ahead of iOS on the second place. The analysts at IDC predicts that Android will remain on the top of smartphone OS market in the next 5 years, but its market share will drop because of Windows Phone market growth.

Ivan Andrianto

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