8 Best Android Weather Applications

Best 8 Android Weather Applications

Weather application is important and very useful to get information of weather in certain places. There are many weather applications on Android. Here is the top 8 Android weather information applications.

WeatherBug Elite
With this application, you can access weather information in real time. It’s equipped with many features such as forecasts, warnings, and much more. The application is able to provide early warning when there is a danger of extreme weather with the help of Severe Storm Network. It will detect your location with GPS and show weather condition in interactive maps. WeatherBug Elite also includes multiple map layers such as Doppler radar, thunder, vector polygons alerts, air humidity, air pressure, wind speed, traffic conditions, satellite imaging and much more.
Weather Bug for Android screenshotWeather Bug for Android screenshot

This application provides weather forecasts and reports of more than 2 million locations in the world. Including the weather forecast for the next 7 days per 3-hour intervals. You can see the condition of temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall, relative humidity, sunrise and sunset times, and many more. This application also utilizes global satellite and radar in an attractive animated display. For convenience, it also supports zoom in and zoom out of a location. Weather Pro is available in 14 languages ​​and has POI (point of interest) features.
WeatherPro for Android screenshotWeatherPro for Android screenshot

BeWeather & Widgets Pro
According to its name, BeWeather & Widgets Pro app is a combination of weather forecasts, warning, radar, and widgets. The HD interface format looks attractive with so many options of weather and clock widget customization. Equipped with over 150 icons and skins for customization, this application also supports Dynamic Google Maps with animated radar and satellite maps. This application automatically track your location via GPS or network operator. Users can also add custom web cams and other media links such as weather radio, video, HTML, and others.

BeWeather & Widgets Pro for Android screenshotBeWeather & Widgets Pro for Android screenshot

AccuWeather Platinum
Besides containing forecasts, AccuWeather Platinum also includes vibration for alerts or warnings. Comes with attractive interface, this application displays detailed graphics and allows users notifications. When the app is forecasting weather, you will see a striking orange appearance.
Another interesting feature is the Exclusive Lifestyle Forecasts that able to show effects of the weather conditions, including your outdoor activities. This application can also display news and weather conditions in video format and share information in real time via social networks. It supports 27 languages.

AccuWeather Platinum for Android screenshotAccuWeather Platinum for Android screenshot

eWeather HD, Radar HD, Alerts
The Application supports radar widget in HD format. It’s equipped with 20 native widgets, 10 notifications, 2 weather provider, and Weather Map Widgets, and Earthquakes Map Widget. eWeather HD is able to convey the current weather conditions and weather forecast with providers and NOAA weather alerts including recent earthquakes, live radar, geomagnetic storm forecast, pressure change indicator, wind, and moon and sun calendar. It also tracks your location with GPS or operator network. The app also supports Android tablets. The diagram is capable to display atmospheric presssure for 24 hours. In addition, this application is suitable for astronomy, aviation, hunting, fishing, travel, and even industry.eWeather HD Radar HD Alerts for Android screenshoteWeather HD Radar HD Alerts for Android screenshot

Palmary Weather Premium
Palmary Weather Premium provides the world weather forecasts. It has an intuitive interface even without animation. It can update for full 24 hours and serve over 68 thousand locations worldwide including forecast for next 15 days. This application provides different weather maps and supports Doppler radar and satellite maps. With 10 exciting home screen widgets, app also provides information about temperature, rainfall or snow, wind, humidity and tracks your location via GPS.

Palmary Weather Premium for Android screenshotPalmary Weather Premium for Android screenshot

Weatherzone Plus
Weatherzone Plus+ teams up with Australia and world Meteorology to serve weather forecasts for every 3 hours with detailed temperature condition. Weatherzone calculates the weather and observes more than 1000 cities in the world. The app also shows calculation of temperature, wind speed, wind direction, dew point, relative humidity, and air pressure. Like most nowadays weather applications, Weatherzone makes use of GPS to determine your location. Another advantage is it shows radar and satellite in an interactive way.

Weatherzone Plus for Android screenshotWeatherzone Plus for Android screenshot

Animated Weather Widget & Clock
According to its name, Animated Weather Widget & Clock can show realistic video effect with interesting world data detail. Digital Clock widget with a size of 4 x 2 grid adorns its interface. This app is also capable to provide weather data for more than 50000 locations in the world equipped with multiple scene landscapes. For current location, this apps utilizes GPS and local weather provider to make it more accurate. It also provides skin customization.
Animated Weather Widget & Clock for Android screenshotAnimated Weather Widget & Clock for Android screenshot

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